Deliver a Moving Performance:
Sync Production and Logistics

Supply chains today face considerable pressures. Raw materials are in short supply, weather and natural disasters wreak havoc ... and then there’s the pandemic: Too many factors are increasingly upending the delicate balance in supply processes. This brings disruptions to supply chains, resulting in the delay or even cancellation of deliveries—with far-reaching consequences for production and logistics.

The best way to avoid production bottlenecks or manage fluctuations is to sync internal and external logistics and to simultaneously coordinate production figures, technical resources, and transport and storage capacities. Because perfectly synced logistics is not driven by bills of materials, it’s about the up-to-the-minute needs of production and suppliers.

But how can this be done? How do companies achieve valid solutions to define and implement a strategy that safeguards supply processes?

Our whitepaper “Integrated. Agile. Transparent. How to Perfectly Sync Your Production and Supply Chains” explains what VUCA is, how it defines the world of supply chain management today, how supply chains achieve optimal performance even amid the pressures of our time, and which tools can be used to sync internal and external supply processes.

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